Manual Lymphatic Detoxification

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, commonly known as MLD, is an advanced therapeutic method that has been proven to stimulate the lymphatic system founded by Dr Emil and Mrs Estrid Vodder in the early 1930s. It is a light rhythmic massage in which the practitioner uses a range of specialized massage movements and gentle pumping techniques. In fact, the pressure applied on the skin should be as gentle as the weight of a teaspoon of water! (Caution: Deep pressure applied on the lymph vessels could cause damage to it) These mild stretching movements stimulate the lymphatic vessels, increasing the flow of metabolic waste, excess fluid and bacteria. Hence, its signature benefit: reduce excess water retention.

As a preventative and remedial treatment, the effects of MLD are numerous. It can aid post operation healing, reduce pain, clear congestions, soften the skin and reduce the appearance of scar tissue. It is also beneficial in the treatment of Sinus problems, Arthritis, Migraine, Insomnia and Acne. As it is a very gentle massage, it can be administered during and immediately after pregnancy, therefore extremely useful in the treatment of swollen ankles.

Caution: This is not the usual tension relief massage like Asian Fusion Massage. Allow your mind be in a relaxed state when receiving this massage to receive its benefits. Do not expect any pressure to be applied on your body or you will feel frustrated throughout the session.

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