Million thanks to Anran! Tourmaline Ions Korean Steam is fantastic! Very good body detox & health maintenance – Ms Lim 

Thank you Anran for giving me such a wonderful experiences! After the sweat steaming. Its make me feel energetic and fresh! Especially when its after a hard day at work! Thanks Anran – Mr Tan 

Thank you Anran as I feel more conifdent after losing 3 kg . Now I can wear my dresses and display my bodyline! – Ms Jenny 

Hi Anran, they have help me become healthier and my skin look younger after the treatment. Thank you Anran. – Koh 

My tummy feel slimmer, my health and concentration improved a lot after having Anran’s treatment. Thanks Anran, my one and only therapist Selina! – Garu 

Thank you Anran! I used to have big tummy and bad breath. Ever since undergoing the Tourmaline Ions Korean Steam and tummy trimming treatment. My tummy become slimmer and softer, not as hard as last time…and my bad breath had gone! Its so miracle! Ever since, I purchase their ions pillow. I sleep better and every morning i feel very fresh! Ever since all these treatments been done. I look more radiant and fresher. Sincerely I would like to thank Anran and their team for their meticulous service and treatment. Thank a million Anran! – Alex 

Selina, Jenny, Christine, Peddy and Adeline. They are a bunch of service oriented staffs and their services and treatment are awesome! Appreciate it very much! – John Lee